The average handicapper is far too concerned with pace figures, speed figures, class ratings and the massive amount of racing data available today when they analyze a race. They get lost in all this information and invariably overlook one of the most important factors in horse racing.

We believe one factor is critical to picking winning horses...trainer intention. If you know what to look for, trainers will point you to live plays that most handicappers miss. This new winning collection will give you the tools and knowledge you need to be a consistent winner!

The significant influence a trainer has on a horse's race performance is often disregarded by the average handicapper. Trainers are the brains behind the horses and their actions will point you to winners, when you know what to look for. Once you learn how to identify winning trainer plays, you will be able to win by simply following the trainer's lead.

"Trainer Value Plays" will teach you how to get inside the mind of the trainer and master the intent of the stable to cash in on winning longshots, along with the horse's connections, with incredible ease! These trainer plays simply and effectively uncover live horses whose stables are serious about winning today. The more you learn to think like the trainer, the faster you will become a consistent winner at the track!

The six, brand new trainer plays revealed in "Trainer Value Plays" are quickly and easily found in the past performances. Each trainer play is presented in a simple, step-by-step format with four sections: Playable Races, Logic of the Play, Step-By-Step Rules and Race Examples, making them very easy to learn and use.

Just bring the handy one-page handicapping reference sheet to the track and you will be able to find winners between races. "Trainer Value Plays" eliminates the need to study the past performances for hours and hours. It will take you less than five minutes to handicap a race! It truly is that easy.


  • 100% Mechanical! No judgement calls required!
  • Simple, Step-By-Step Rules - Easy and Fast!
  • Action Packed...all races are playable.
  • Wins at any track (both big and small), on any racing surface, under any condition.
  • Fast & Easy To Use! You spot winners in only the time between races.
  • No complex calculations - just follow the simple rules to win!

"Trainer Value Plays" simply and effectively gets to the heart of the race by identifying horses whose stables are serious about winning today! When you get inside the trainer's mind and start to think like them, there is nothing stopping you from becoming a real winner!

Since the majority of handicappers tend to play on the weekend, we put the six winning trainer plays to a test on two successive weekends in October at 14 tracks across the U.S. and Canada. The tracks included in the test were: Belmont Park, Delta Downs, Delaware Park, Finger Lakes, Gulfstream Park West, Hawthorne, Indiana Grand, Keeneland, Parx Racing, Penn National, Remington Park, Santa Anita Park, Thistledown and Woodbine.

From this random test period, we review three winners for each trainer play in the "Race Examples" section. The average winner of the 18 race examples in the book is $31.00. That's over 14/1! Even removing the highest price (a $70.00 winner at Delaware Park) from the sample the average payout for the remaining winners was still a hearty $27.11! That's almost 13/1!


  • The Prime Rating System - a simple, mechanical system using fast eliminations along with the morning lines and horse's connections to spot live overlay plays. This easy to use automatic system consistently picks winners at good prices!

  • The Trainer Power Play - a fast, three-rule play capitalizing on a trainer's strengths. You will quickly find these winners by scanning the trainer's year-to-date record and the trainer statistics listed at the bottom of the horse's past performances. This mechanical play puts the connections to work for you.
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