How To Find Live Play At Long Odds

Pick Double-Digit Longshots That Win Like Odds On Favorites - In Less Than 5 Minutes...GUARANTEED!


Could you use some extra cash during these tough economic times? Heck, who couldn't, right!

Good news! After seven months of research, we have compiled the best longshot / value play angles uncovered. I know, you are probably thinking, ut oh, longshots, that must mean there are long run-outsÉnot at all. These angles complement each other well so you can win consistently and put extra cash in your pockets the minute you start using them!

There are seven winning angles in this collection so you will get plenty of action and plenty of winning plays. To consistently beat this game, you need winning angles to attack all types of races and then pick your winning spots. This will enable you to cash more winning tickets and make more money.

This collection is perfect for simulcast players because the angles are quickly and easily found in any past performances. In fact, it takes only about 5 minutes to handicap a race with these winning angles.

Each handicapping angle is detailed in a simple step-by-step format, divided into four sections "Playable Races", "Angle Discussion", "Step-By Step Rules" and "Race Examples". Best of all, there is a system for every type of race and every type of handicapper, so you will get lots of action and plenty of big winners!

"Toss The Chalk" offers these great advantages:

  • 100% Mechanical! No judgment calls necessary.
  • Easy STEP-BY-STEP instructions. Simply follow the rules to find the winners.
  • FAST! You can find winners in only a few minutes.
  • Identifies live value plays that are ready to win.
  • Handy one-page Reference Sheet you can take to the track!

We tested the methods over a seven-month period and since most players go to the track on the weekend, we put these winning angles to a random test on two successive weekends in October at 14 tracks to show you the winning potential of these great angles.

From the six days over two successive weekends, we review three winners for each angle (21 in all). The average winner from the 24 winners covered in the book was $32.61! That's over 15/1! Even if you remove the highest payoff (a $69.00 winner at REM) the average win mutuel for the remaining 20 horses was still a healthy $30.79!


  • Triple Check Handicapping System - a 3-step mechanical speed and connections system that works great at all the tracks we have used it - in both WPS and Exacta wagers!

  • The Pro Player's Money System - a quick mechanical system with an ROI like a mutual fund, consistent winners that turn any track into an ATM.
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