Here is some of the recent feedback we have received from our satisfied customers...

Nick D - Ohio
I have been system player for a long time and I think your SBS Handicapping system is special and I really like it. Living in the east, I primarily play the NY circuit, Gulfstream, Parx, Woodbine, Churchill and Tampa. I will play 2 or 3 tracks at one time. The results have been good at all of these tracks, especially Aqueduct, Saratoga and Gulfstream. Thank you for your help.

Ray A - Arkansas
I have been a Bart Publishing customer for close to 15 years. I recently ordered SBS Handicapping and I am very happy and satisfied with the results. I find it very easy to use.

Jimmy M - Illinois
I was struggling at the track for the past six months. The systems I had been using for years were failing and I was miserable. I thought I would give SBS Handicapping a try and it has helped me win again. It is much more fun cashing winning tickets than losing day in and day out. Thank you for the system and making the game enjoyable again.

Roger F - Arkansas
I love your new book Reliable Trainer Plays! I use it at Oaklawn, Fair Grounds and Churchill and have been winning like never before. I like how I can pick my horses ahead of time, make my bets and then sit back and enjoy the races without stress the rest of the day.

David N - Pennsylvania
A REAL WINNER! That is how I describe Reliable Trainer Plays. You have taught me a new way to look at the horses, through the eye of the trainer.

Cesar A - Florida
Reliable Trainer Plays has been lighting it up for me at Gulfstream and Tampa Bay. I have been hitting close to 35% winners at both tracks using these plays. Awesome!

Nathan P - Florida
Working It Out, Four For The Money and A Leap Ahead (Handicapping For A Price) have been game changers for me. They are money in the bank. Impressive collection! One of the best I have seen in 30 years playing this game.

Leslie B - Maryland
Handicapping For A Price and the free bonus systems are brilliant. I like the easy handicapping approach you include. It saves time and makes it fast to play.

Wes C - Nevada
I have most, if not all of your books. Handicapping For A Price and Profitable Overlay Plays are awesome! All your books are excellent but I have done particularly well with these two. Thank you for helping me become a better handicapper.

Alfred S - Kentucky
Handicapping For A Price has been good at Keeneland, Gulfstream, Churchill and Fair Grounds - at 24% winners at an average $15.20. Thank you!

Kevin M - Arkansas
Just got my copy of Profitable Overlay Plays two days ago and immediately started using the plays with the summary sheet at the back of the book. I quickly hit 3 of my first 4 plays at Gulfstream and Oaklawn. Another great book from Bart Publishing! Thank you for the fast delivery and A+ service.

Patrick K - New York
Profitable Overlay Plays is great! The plays are gold. The "how to handicap with the collection" section of the book is really helpful. Your handicapping method makes it simple and saves a bunch of time. Plays 1, 2 and 5 are my go to plays at the eastern tracks I play - Aqueduct, Belmont, Saratoga, Churchill, Gulfstream, Laurel, Parx and Woodbine.

Lawrence J - California
Not only is Profitable Overlay Plays a winner, the bonuses are too. So often free items are a waste, but that is not the case with Dash For Cash and Quick Two Factor Play. You can't beat the price for all the information you deliver in your packages. Bart Publishing is one of the best in the business!

Dominick L - Kentucky
I am a long-time customer and your books have helped me tremendously. Profitable Overlay Plays and Platinum System Plays are my new top choices. Your one-page sheet and step-by-step handicapping method make it easy to pick winners. Great work David!

Maxwell D - Florida
Wow! My first two days with Profitable Overlay Plays I picked 6 winners at Tampa Bay Downs and Gulfstream Park. They all paid at least $11.00 to win, the highest was $31.40. Thank you.

Gary A - New York
Analyze The Odds is remarkable! I made money with it the first time I used it and I am happy to report the winning continues. It has worked well at all the NYRA tracks, Aqueduct, Belmont and even the difficult Saratoga meet. The odds plays are dynamite. I have used them with the mechanical system to pick some huge exactas and trifectas. I am a long-time, satisfied customer and your books never cease to amaze me.

Ken J - Texas
Finally, I can say I am a winner and I have your books to thank for that. Your latest book Analyze The Odds is the best thing I have come across in my 50+ years playing the horses. I play Churchill, Belmont, Gulfstream, Saratoga, Parx, Hawthorne and Arlington with nearly equal results. The odds system is my new favorite system. Thanks a million!

Alex S - Canada
Analyze The Odds has been great at my home track of Woodbine. The system and odds plays are easy to use and fast so I can play 3-4 tracks at one time and win! Your system is very logical and quickly points out the live contenders in the race. This one is a real winner!

Paul P - California
Using your Analyze The Odds systems and keying the top system pick with the odds plays I have hit almost 40% of my exacta plays. I cashed a $236 exacta last week! Your method is the most consistent selection plan ever. Nothing else comes close to it!

John F - Illinois
Platinum System Plays has been a savior for me. I was close to quitting the game because losing was starting to get to me. A friend recommended your company so I purchased Platinum System Plays. Boy am I happy I did! I am winning more than I ever have with Platinum System Plays. I recently added Trainer Value Plays and Logical Longshots, both are just as good and simple to use. Thank you for keeping me in the game.

Tom W - Canada
I know angle handicapping is your passion but I need to tell you, your mechanical systems, Quick Pick Winners V2.0, Play the Percentages and Fast Track To Winning are real winners. I have made a profit with all three systems the past two years playing Woodbine and US tracks in New York, Florida and Kentucky. Great stuff!

Donald S - California
I have been buying your quality books for years and have done well with all of them. I like the way you present your information, the format is easy to read and use. I think Platinum System Plays is some of your best work. These plays are my new favorites!

Chuck C - Florida
Enclosed please find another order, my sixth with your fine company. Platinum System Plays is outstanding! I always look forward to your new books, keep the winners coming.

Greg F - New York
Fast Track to Winning is outstanding! My own system is heavily based on trainer statistics, your unique way of using these statistics I never thought of and is a good way of pointing to the trainers who are trying to win THIS race! I received it Thursday and used it for Belmont, had 4 nice winners just using your system, same results Friday. I inserted this system into my handicapping spreadsheet and I'm sure it will enhance my overall performance. I usually don't play maiden races, but your system did pretty well there also. Thanks for a great piece of work.

Craig C - Ohio
I love Fast Track to Winning! Finally, a fast, easy, mechanical system that delivers time and time again. Thank you!

Dennis B - New York
I am a system player and Fast Track to Winning is one of the best systems I have come across in a long time. Your use of trainer stats and your elimination rules are spot on. This one is definitely a winner! It is my new go-to system!

Ed W - Nebraska
David Trainer Value Plays is outstanding! The past performance examples are great and I shudder to think how many winning horses I passed on at great odds because of how their past performances looked based on what the trainers had in mind. You've really helped me to look at the past performances in a new way.

Michael G - California
I am a long-time Bart Publishing customer. Without a doubt, your newest publication Trainer Value Plays is your best work so far. These trainer plays are dynamite. Keep the winning books coming, I am a customer for life.

George G - Texas
I have used trainer stats to handicap for years but the angles in Trainer Value Plays opened my eyes and gave me a whole new way to win. The angles are easy to use and pick winners every day I use them. Your books are some of the best on the market.

John S - Delaware
I'm just re-reading Quick Pick Winners from 2014. I'm amazed at how enjoyable it is to read and implement. It is logical, thorough, well-explained and provides lots of reading and examples without being too much. I especially like the reasons for the updates in the method. It fosters so much confidence in the process of selection and in actually placing live bets. I never would have the patience to follow and target all the relevant factors! I'm gearing up for an assault on Delaware Park which is about 20 minutes away from my house. It's nice to spend an afternoon doing my picks between races without having feel rushed or underprepared, either one. Looking forward to a fun racing season!

Miguel C - New Mexico
Just to inform you that the material I have bought from you has been very useful to me especially The Double-Digit Bombs, yesterday (3/20/16) I did great Santa Anita Race 6 - Little Curlin $96.00 $27.60 $10.80. Thank you so much for all your help, I greatly appreciate it. If you have new material let me know, of course I will buy it right away.

Edward F - Iowa
The Logical Longshots bonuses are excellent, but when I read the entire package, I discovered how well integrated they are to the main product. The six angles in Logical Longshots give the reader an inside look into the behind the scenes workings of the horses connections! Now you won’t be yelling 'fix' if a speed horse doesn’t make it. You will see answers to why things are done and how the insiders play the game. Well done, David, this is your best and I have quite a few of them! I am definitely playing only angles and no longer look for a way to beat every race.

Stanley G - Florida
The first time I visited your website I was confused because you had so many books in your store, I did not know which one to buy. So I ordered a couple of them at first and tested the angles on old DRFs to see which ones worked the best for me. Then I started ordering one book at a time and continued to test. Now I own all your books and I have my own complete set of winning angles that work the best at the tracks I play. Your handicapping angles have turned me into a consistent winner. Thank you for all your great books.

Rich D - New York
I have played the horses for over 35 years and I have always been a “system player” until I starting reading your books. You showed me a whole new world of handicapping – your angles are incredible. I am winning more than I ever have! Thank you for making me a winner!

Murray B - Kentucky
Thanks for sending my order so fast. You do good work. You do it different than most do. I have been doing it wrong for 48 years. I think you have just shown me the light. Thanks a lot.

Arthur M - New Jersey
Thanks for replying to my questions, I wish all publishers and authors were like you. I would like to share with you some success I had with “Probable Payoff Surprises”. I followed your strategy and won over $210 on one race. I couldn’t believe it! Something that’s effective and potent at last! Thanks so much!

Barbara K - California
I really enjoy all your material. They have really improved my handicapping. I always look forward to your new releases. Always the best! Thanks!

Cory M - Texas
I own your whole library! I would not think of going to the track without your materials. They are the best on the market! My favorite book is Play The Percentages, the system and angles work great together. It makes it very easy to handicap a race in only minutes. My sincere gratitude to you and Bart Publishing.

Byron D - Nevada
I have been a loyal subscriber PRN for years. It is quite impressive how highly PRN rates all your books. I agree 100% with Phillips, your books are tops on my list too. Thank you!

David T - Massachusetts
I always knew the tote board could be used to win consistently but before I got Money Talks, I was never able to win with it. Your tote board systems are great! My friends wonder how I keep winning so much without having my head buried in the program. Right now they think it is pure luck. One of these days I may tell them it is all because of Money Talks! Thank you for your help!

Before Phillips Racing Newsletter ceased publishing in 2021, here is what they said about our publications...

Handicapping For A Price
We think Mr. Venturo's new booklet certainly ranks up there with his many others. With strong, easy-to-use winning angles, fair price and a no questions asked 100% refund guarantee, what's not to like?! All things considered, Handicapping For A Price is surely among the best new handicapping items out there that all horseplayers should have in their toolbox. We'll score it a very high 9!

Profitable Overlay Plays
Profitable Overlay Plays certainly looks like yet another powerful handicapping manual that all horseplayers should have in their arsenal. Obviously, it's plenty capable of hitting some nice longshots. Plus the price is fair and it comes with Bart Publishing's iron-clad refund guarantee. Profitable Overlay Plays easily rates a very strong 9.

Analyze The Odds
What you'll get with this 41-page booklet is a good, solid system plus 3 angles, all using odds as the main factor, of course. The regular method hit close to 1-in-3 races with a nice average mutuel and a big ROI (83%) in our test. And the angles are all powerful winners that we've come to expect from Bart Publishing. Indeed, there's plenty of winning material for the horseplayers here, folks. What's not to like about this comprehensive package?! It will certainly help you do what the title says. All things considered, make it a very good 8 1/2 for Analyze The Odds.

Platinum System Plays
If you've been a PRN reader for a while, you know that we always like publications such as this and think the ones produced by Mr. Venturo are definitely among the best available. Also like that the back of this booklet has a couple of pages on how to simplify and maximize your profits when playing these angles. Plus the end is a nifty one-page "tear out" section, containing the rules for all six winning angles; perfect to take along with you to the track or OTB. So all things considered, that easily adds up to another outstanding 9 rating for Bart Publishing's newest handicapping manual, Platinum System Plays, a "must-have" for every horseplayer's toolbox.

Fast Track To Winning
This is definitely one of the better "pencil and paper" handicapping systems we've seen lately. It's fast and relatively easy, producing strong results, plus the price is certainly fair. This adds up to a very good 8 1/2 rating for Fast Track To Winning. We think all horseplayers should add this system to their handicapping arsenal.

Trainer Value Plays
The trainer angles are impressive. Bart Publishing has done it once again, producing another nifty booklet of winning angles that we think most handicappers would like to have in their turf library. So make it a very strong 9 for Trainer Value Plays.

Logical Longshots
Suffice to say that we always like just about everything from Bart Publishing. So make it a strong 9 for Logical Longshots.

Quick Pick Winners V2.0
We checked a total of 40 races that had a selection and 16 of them won for 40%. We would have bet $80 to win $120, which translates to a +50% ROI. Our average mutual was $7.50. We think this is a pretty decent method. Indeed, it's fast, easy and will give you plenty of action with almost all races playable. This version seems to be a little bit better than the original one. So make it a very good 8 1/2 for Quick Pick Winners V2.0.

Money Talks
So what’s not to like here? Price is certainly fair, comes from a reputable source and there are even added bonus items. All things considered, Money Talks easily deserves a strong 9 rating.


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