Too often handicappers get lost in all the past performance data everyone uses and overlook one of the most important factors in horse racing...the trainer. This is where this handicapping collection can give you an unbeatable edge to make you a big winner at the track!

"Reliable Trainer Plays" will show you exactly how to get inside the trainer's mind and identify the intent of the stable so you can pick winners along with the horse's connections, with unbelievable ease!

Once you learn how to spot the trainer's intention, you will look at the game in a completely new way and win more money by simply following the trainer's lead.

With the brand new plays in "Reliable Trainer Plays", you will zip through a race since each play has only 5 rules and they are presented in a simple, step-by-step format! No more hours and hours studying the past performances with these fast, easy to use, winning plays.

It takes less than 5 minutes to handicap a race with these powerful plays and you will get lots of action and discover plenty of big winners! Just use the handy one-page reference sheet and you will be able to quickly uncover winners. It is that simple! Fast. Easy. Dependable.

Think of all the time you will save with these simple, straight-forward, reliable plays!

These consistent plays will quickly and easily show you how to read the trainer's actions! The easy to use plays in this invaluable collection will give you the insight you need to spot the subtle trainer clues to uncover high-priced winners often ignored by the uninformed bettors. Follow the trainer's lead and cash more winning tickets!

The six winning plays detailed in this book are based on solid handicapping principles that are quickly and easily found in the past performances. This book is perfect for a multi-track simulcast player or the player that does not have hours to handicap but still loves to play the ponies.

The plays are presented in a simple, step-by-step format broken into the four sections: playable races, the handicapping logic of the play, the step-by-step rules (each play has only 5 simple rules) and race examples of the play in action.

"Reliable Trainer Plays" IS:

  • 100% Mechanical! No judgement calls are required!
  • Simple, Step-By-Step Rules - Easy and Fast!
  • Action Packed...all races are playable.
  • Wins at any track (both big and small), on any racing surface, under any condition.
  • Fast & Simple To Use! You find winners in only a few short minutes.
  • No complex calculations - just follow the simple step-by-step rules to win!

PLUS...we include a handy one-page reference sheet of all the plays. No need to memorize anything with this convenient reference sheet. All the money-making plays are detailed step-by-step on one sheet for easy use!

AND...we include the systematic approach we use to handicap with the six plays, to optimize your handicapping time! We show you step-by-step how to use the plays in the best time efficient manner.

"Reliable Trainer Plays" simply and successfully gets to the heart of the race by spotting the horses whose connections are serious about winning today!

Best of all, you can use ANY past performances to find the winning plays.

Since the majority of handicappers play the races on weekends, we put the six winning plays to a test on a random long weekend in October at 12 tracks both large and small across the U.S. and Canada. The tracks included in the test were: Belmont Park, Charles Town, Delaware Park, Delta Downs, Gulfstream Park, Hawthorne, Indiana Grand, Keeneland, Laurel, Remington Park, Santa Anita Park and Woodbine.

From this random long weekend, three winners for each play are reviewed in this book (18 in all). The average winner of the 18 race examples in the book is $25.41. That's over 11/1! Even removing the highest winner (a $66.40 winner at Charles Town) from the sample, the average winning mutuel for the remaining 17 winners is still a generous $23.00! "Reliable Trainer Plays" gives you the tools and knowledge you need to become a consistent winner at the track!


  • Back To Back - a simple system for horses that won last time out and have an excellent chance to repeat the winning performance at good odds.

  • Beat The Favorite - an easy to use system focused on races when the morning line favorite is vulnerable. This system quickly finds the horses with the best chance to beat the chalk and pay well. Fast, easy, mechanical picks!
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