Are you interested in discovering a proven, step-by-step system to help you win more at the track? Would you like to quickly become a handicapping "genius" that consistently wins at the track? If so, this system will be extremely valuable to you. This easy-to-use system will show you how to win more often and make money at the track...every time you play...GUARANTEED!

Fifteen years ago we published the original "Quick Pick Winners". That mechanical system has stood the test of time doing extremely well over the years. However, with all the changes in horse racing since then and the many requests from our loyal customers to "update" the system, we felt it was time to improve it.

Based on its years of success, we knew the logic of the system was still effective. Through our thorough research we found the best way to use various handicapping factors to improve the system to produce even more winners and profits. We are happy to say we have come up with a real winner!

"Quick Pick Winners V2.0" is a fast, easy-to-use, mechanical system with only 3 simple steps. It is NOT a spot play system that may give you only a few playable races a day or worse a few plays a week. Every race, except those with many first time starters (which are unpredictable anyway) is playable.

With "Quick Pick Winners V2.0" you will play over 90% of all races run every day at any track. It does not matter what class, what distance or the track surface, you will get plenty of action and plenty of winners with "Quick Pick Winners V2.0"! It has everything you could ever ask for in a horse racing system -- speed, simplicity, consistency and steady profits!

Best of all, this system is so easy to use you can take it to the track and find the winning plays in only the time between races. It really is that simple! In less than 3 minutes and you will find the winner!

This simple, yet powerful system will help you become the winner you want to be. 3 simple steps and 3 minutes is all it takes for you to transform your game. No computer, no calculator, no complex calculations, no hours studying the past performances...just 3 simple steps and 3 minutes, that is all you need to be a winner! What could be easier? Even if your current track results are okay, you can double or triple the winners and profits you are getting with this system.

Once you get your copy of "Quick Pick Winners V2.0" you will be handicapping and picking winners within minutes of opening the envelope! No more long hours poring over the past performances when you use this amazing, fast, easy to use system. You are only 3 minutes away from your first winner!

"Quick Pick Winners V2.0" is not a method that selects low-priced winners, nor is it a method that solely picks longshots that rarely win. This proven system offers the perfect balance you need to win consistently at both major and minor tracks!

It works at all odds ranges by delivering steady winners of both low and high priced horses so you can avoid long losing streaks. This is what makes this simple, yet powerful system so unique! You will amaze your friends and laugh all the way to the bank...if you take just 3 minutes and follow 3 simple steps.

Everything you need to handicap winners is found in the past performances (any past performances will work). No judgment calls are required with "Quick Pick Winners V2.0", anyone who uses this system will get the same winning selection every time. This remarkable system is 100% error-proof!

BENEFITS OF "Quick Pick Winners V2.0":

  • 100% mechanical, no computers or calculators are needed.
  • FAST! Only 3 minutes and you have the race winner!
  • Wins at any track (both big and small) on any racing surface, under any condition.
  • No judgment calls necessary. Everyone arrives at the same final winning pick.
  • Plenty of action! 90% of the races run are playable every day at any track (one horse per race).
  • A wagering plan and exacta-wagering strategies to maximize your profits.
  • Perfect for simulcast wagering. Play multiple tracks quickly and easily.
  • Absolutely no complex figuring -- takes only seconds per horse!

When we said "Quick Pick Winners V2.0" works, we meant it! Whether you are a weekend player or a serious handicapper, "Quick Pick Winners V2.0" will amaze you! Absolutely no judgment calls are needed with this mechanical system, everyone who uses it will arrive at the same top pick. The only decision you need to make is how much you want to win with it.

To show you the power of the system we randomly selected one weekend last September and used "Quick Pick Winners V2.0" at both big and small tracks across the US and Canada. The tracks included in the test were: Arlington Park, Belmont Park, Churchill Downs, Calder, Charlestown, Finger Lakes, Laurel, Mountaineer, Remington Park, Santa Anita Park, Thistledown and Woodbine.

The system performed exceptionally well at every track. The combined test yielded 32% winners and a lucrative 49.1% ROI! "Quick Pick Winners V2.0" picked the winner at about the same rate as the favorite wins but its winners paid a lot better than the favorite. The average winner in our workout was $9.32 (average win odds of 7/2). Just think how fast you can build your bankroll with these winners!


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