As many of you know, the majority of our publications focus on using winning handicapping angles. Despite countless requests from our loyal customers for an easy, profitable, mechanical system, we have avoided creating one because we felt the best results come from angles and picking winning spots.

This past year, we started looking closer at our normal handicapping process. The more we thought about it, the more we realized we do attack each race in a similar manner and felt the process could be automated. So for the past ten months we have been testing and working on a fully automatic system. We are happy to report, we have finally nailed it and to say we are pleased with the results is a huge understatement!

This highly rated publication consists of two parts. Part 1 of "Play The Percentages" is our first 100% automatic handicapping system. It focuses on the horses that win 80% of the races run. Part 2 contains four winning longshot angles because after all we are still angle handicappers at heart. These angles focus on the other 20% of the winners and compliment the mechanical system perfectly.

You can choose what fits best with your handicapping approach the mechanical system, the longshot plays or both. We like to use the mechanical system to find our key plays and then bet the longshot plays when they appear. Not every race will have a longshot play, so you can pick and choose your winning spots!

We developed the longshot angles over a six-month period. Since most handicappers play the races on weekends, we put the angles to a random weekend test in the fall (10/8/10 - 10/10/10) at nine tracks across the US and Canada to show the power of the plays. The tracks in our test were: Belmont, Finger Lakes, Hoosier Park, Keeneland, Laurel, Mountaineer, Remington, Thistledown and Woodbine. We review three winners for each handicapping angle in the book.

The average winner from the "Sample Races" reviewed in the book paid a whopping $52.52. That's over 25/1! Even if you remove the highest winner (a HUGE $160.30 winner at Woodbine) from the sample, the average winning mutuel for the remaining winners was still a healthy $42.72!

Why did we use three consecutive race days at multiple tracks? Any system can show win on a single day or a single race. The true test of a system comes when you handicap multiple tracks on consecutive days. Do the angles appear regularly? Do the angles win at different tracks? As you will see, the longshot plays come up often and they produce some big $$$ winners. You will get plenty of action and plenty of winners with them!

With "Play The Percentages", you will get everything you need to win at the track:

  • A 100% mechanical system PLUS 4 step-by-step longshot handicapping angles
  • Summary Rule Sheets (one for the mechanical system, one for the longshots) to take to the track
  • Race examples showing you how to use the systems the day you receive the book AND
  • A wagering strategy to optimize your bets and profits!

Everything you could ever ask for in a handicapping book. You get the best of both worlds! A winning mechanical system and longshot handicapping angles so you can pick your winning spots. You will easily cash more winning tickets and make money at the track with this amazing publication!


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