The average handicapper is far too focused on pace figures, speed figures, class ratings and the enormous amount of racing data available today when they analyze a race. It gets them lost in all this information and invariably they overlook one of the most important factors in horse racing...the trainer!

No other factor influences the outcome of the races than the person behind the horse, the trainer!

To consistently win at the races you must bet when the odds are in your favor and bet logical, well-meant horses when the conditions are right for them to win. To do this, you need to read the past performances with an eye towards the trainer’s true intent and horse's true ability.

The trainer effects the race outcome more than any other single factor. If you know what to look for, trainers will point you to live plays that most handicappers miss. The trainer frequently holds the key to winning, but you need to know what to look for to capitalize on the winning opportunities.

This is where "Profitable Overlay Plays" comes into play and will prove to be an invaluable resource for you to be a consistent winner.

"Profitable Overlay Plays" will quickly and easily show you exactly how to read the trainer's actions! The winning plays detailed in this priceless collection will give you the insight you need to spot subtle trainer clues to uncover high-priced winners commonly ignored by the uninformed bettors.

Once you learn how to spot the trainer's intention, you will look at the game in a different way and win more $$$!

The six brand new profitable trainer plays revealed in "Profitable Overlay Plays" are easily found in the past performances. We show you exactly what to look for to cash in on these winning plays. The step-by-step rules are fast, easy to learn and easy to use. There is no need to spend hours studying the past performances when you have these winning plays in your handicapping arsenal.

It takes less than 5 minutes to handicap a race with these potent plays and you will get lots of action and uncover plenty of big winners!

"Profitable Overlay Plays" is 100% mechanical, so no judgment calls are needed. If the horse fits the rules, it is a play. It is that simple! We show you exactly what to look for to easily spot the winners.

These systematic plays are logical and easy to use. Each play is presented in a simple step-by-step format broken out into four sections: playable races, the logic of the play, step-by-step rules and race examples of the play in action (three races for each play). We even provide the systematic approach we use to handicap the six system plays, to optimize your handicapping time!

PLUS...we include a convenient one-page reference sheet of all the plays. No need to memorize the plays with this handy reference sheet. All the profitable plays are detailed step-by-step on one sheet for easy reference to give you the flexibility of handicapping a race in a few minutes!

Best of all, ANY past performances can be used to find these winning plays.

Most uninformed handicappers uses the same "old" information in the past performances day in and day out. Speed figures, pace figures, class rating, if everyone is using them what edge can they offer? In most cases, none! Learn to handicap a new way with this winning collection and become a consistent winner with "Profitable Overlay Plays"!

"Profitable Overlay Plays" is:

  • 100% mechanical! No judgement calls are required!
  • Easy, Step-By-Step Rules - Fast handicapping.
  • Action Packed...all races are playable.
  • Wins at any track (both big and small), on any racing surface, under any condition.
  • No complex calculations - just follow the simple step-by-step rules to win!

"Profitable Overlay Plays" quickly gets to the heart of the race by identifying horses whose stables are serious about winning today! When you get inside the trainer's mind and start to think like them, there is nothing stopping you from becoming a real winner!

Since the majority of handicappers play the races on the weekend, we put these winning plays to a test on a random long weekend at 12 tracks across the U.S. and Canada – Arlington, Belmont Park, Churchill Downs, Golden Gate Fields, Gulfstream Park, Indiana Grand, Laurel, Monmouth, Parx, Penn National, Remington and Woodbine.

From this random four-day test, 3 winners for each of the 6 plays are detailed in the book. The average payoff for these 18 winners was $35.10. That’s over 16/1! Even removing the highest winner, a $77.00 winner at Laurel, the average payoff was still a whopping $32.64! Over 15/1!

Double-digit winners than win like favorites – that is what you get with this valuable collection.

Best of all these winners can be found in only a few minutes. The handy one-page reference sheet has everything you need to handicap between the races. What could be easier than that?!


  • Dash For Cash - a quick play system focused on horses with early speed. Early speed horses win more than their fair share of races and this mechanical system shows you exactly how to take advantage of these speedsters to get double-digit winners!

  • Quick Two-Factor Play - a fast, mechanical system using the horse's last race odds to identify live contenders going off at good odds today. You will quickly cash in on big prices with this easy to use system!
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