In my almost 40 years of playing the ponies it has always amazed me how many handicapping authors try to turn horses into machines. It is extremely difficult to turn this game into a straight numbers game, yet that is what many authors try to teach. If you are using the same information as everyone else at the track and using it the same way, you will not make money at this game.

One area that is often overlooked by the handicapper is “the money” at the track, specifically the tote board and the horse’s previous race odds. Trainers can make a horse’s form look as good or bad as they want in the past performances but the money is what the money is. When you know what to look for betting action is a great tip-off to a winning effort by the horse.

In our newest publication, “Money Talks – Listen & Win” we reveal seven brand new mechanical angles using odds as the key handicapping factor. Four of the systems use the horse’s past performance odds and three systems focus on the tote board odds. The odds are more powerful that you might think, in fact, some professionals use them exclusively to make good money at the track. Why? Because they know “the money” gives strong clues as to which horses will run well today.

These are the best odds systems we know and have successfully used at the track. The systems in this publication are 100% mechanical, so they fast and easy to use! If you are a tote watcher or want to learn some power secrets about “playing the money” at the track, then this package is perfect for you!

We conducted one of our largest tests ever using these systems, 17 tracks across the US and Canada: Arlington, Belmont, Calder, Charles Town, Finger Lakes, Fort Erie, Hoosier Park, Laurel, Louisiana Downs, Monmouth, Mountaineer, Parx Racing, Presque Isle, Remington, Suffolk, Turfway and Woodbine.

We review three winners for each system in the book from a random weekend in the fall. 21 winners in all are detailed in the book and the average winner paid a whopping $21.74! That’s almost 10/1! You will get plenty of action and plenty of winners with these systems!

Why did we use three consecutive race days at multiple tracks? Any system can show win on a single day or a single race. The true test of a system comes when you handicap multiple tracks on consecutive days. Do the angles appear regularly? Do the angles win at different tracks? As you will see, the longshot plays come up often and they produce some big $$$ winners. You will get plenty of action and plenty of winners with them!

With "Money Talks - Listen & Win", you will get everything you need to win at the track:

  • 7 mechanical / automatic handicapping systems
  • A summary rule sheet to take to the track,
  • Race examples showing you how to use the systems the day you receive the book AND
  • A wagering strategy to optimize your bets and profits!

It’s all here, everything you will need to capitalize on an area often overlooked by the public, the odds. You will learn how the odds can quickly and easily point you to winners many players never give a second thought. The odds can be your friend, learn how to use them and profit from them!


  • The OT Handicapping System - a three-step trainer handicapping system that quickly uncovers a horse entered in “the right spot” to take advantage of a good trainer’s strengths. Fast and easy to use!

  • The Oddsbuster System - a fast, mechanical system that uses the tote board and horse’s last race odds in unison to pick consistent winners in only a few minutes a race.
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