Favorites win their fair share of races and will let you cash a lot of winning tickets. The downside is they are usually over bet so regularly betting them will result in you losing money over the long run. Betting big longshots will let you cash big payoffs when they win but they win so infrequently it makes it almost impossible to earn steady profits betting them.

In order to consistently win at this game, you must bet when the odds are in your favor and bet logical horses when the conditions are right for them to win. "Logical Longshots" will quickly and easily show you how to do this! It is the roadmap to winning at the track by consistently spotting live horses going off at odds higher than they should be.

"Logical Longshots" is a collection of six winning angles focused on getting a price when the betting public misses the trainerís signals and sends a well-meant horse off at good odds. The angles in this money making collection are sound, quick and easy to use. Each angle has only 5-6 simple rules, but donít let their ease fool you Ė these angles win! They are perfect for multi-track player because it takes less than 5 minutes to handicap a race!

"Logical Longshots" is 100% mechanical, no judgment calls are required with the angles. The step-by-step rules are fast, easy to learn and easy to use. No need to spend hours poring over the past performances! You can take the handy one-page reference sheet, included in the book, to the track and find the winners between races. It truly is that easy!

Our philosophy at Bart Publishing has always been that a handicapper can never have enough good, solid, winning handicapping angles. Angles you can confidently use year after year and know they will turn a profit for you. If you really want to win at this game, you need a collection of winning angles and the angles in this book are a perfect place to start!

The "Logical Longshots" angles are detailed in a simple, straight-forward format, broken into four sections: playable races, the logic of the angle, step-by-step rules and race examples of the angle in action.

BENEFITS OF "Logical Longshots":

  • 100% mechanical, no computers or calculators are needed.
  • FAST! Only 5-6 simple steps and you have the race winner!
  • Wins at any track (both big and small) on any racing surface, under any condition.
  • Plenty of action! 90% of the races run are playable every day at any track (one horse per race).
  • Profitable at all racetracks tested, both large and small tracks in the US and Canada.
  • Perfect for simulcast wagering. Play multiple tracks quickly and easily.

"Logical Longshots" will put you on live horses going off at good odds. Whether you are a weekend player or a serious handicapper, "Logical Longshots" will help you become a consistent winner!

Since the majority of players go to the track on the weekend, we put these winning angles to a test on a random long weekend in October at 14 tracks across the U.S. and Canada. The tracks included in our test were: Belmont, Charles Town, Finger Lakes, Gulfstream Park, Indiana Grand, Keeneland, Laurel, Parx, Penn National, Remington, Santa Anita, Suffolk, Thistledown and Woodbine.

From this random four-day test, three winners for each angle are detailed in the book (18 in all). The average payoff for these 18 winners was $31.72. Thatís almost 15/1! Even removing the highest winner (an $87.00 winner at Remington), the average payoff was still a healthy $28.46! Thatís over 13/1!


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