Think about this for a minute...how would a master chef, a restaurant cook or even Mom and Gram in your kitchen, be able to make a cuisine masterpiece without a recipe? Can you imagine any of them not having a recipe to follow to make their favorite dishes?

Without a recipe, how could they duplicate their specialties over and over again? It would be too time consuming and unsystematic if they did not have a recipe to follow. When my Mom was cooking you would ask her "how is it going Mom?" She would say "cooking like Betty Crocker!"...and of course the old "red and white" Betty Crocker cookbook was on the counter.

The same can be said about handicapping. Imagine not having a set of proven rules to keep you focused on what wins and being able to replicate the results race after race. Without step-by-step rules to follow you can quickly and easily get lost in the mountains of data available in the past performances. This will lead to hours and hours handicapping and analysis paralysis because the data starts to contradict itself.

Talk about frustration! You need to stay focused on the important factors and ignore the rest. Stick with "the handicapping recipe" and winning at the track can be just like cooking in the kitchen...as simple as 1𣇽!

Handicapping angles are the ultimate answer to the handicapping game they are quick, easy to use, easy to learn, profitable and can be repeated race after race at any track!

This is where our new book, "A Handicapper's Recipe Book" will be very beneficial to your handicapping. The seven angles in this winning collection are based upon sound handicapping strategies that are quickly and easily found in any past performances. With these angles you will be able to handicap a race in less than five minutes the angles are fast, easy-to-use and they win!

Each handicapping angle is detailed in a simple step-by-step format, divided into four sections "Playable Races", "Angle Discussion", "Step-By Step Rules" and "Race Examples". And we are not talking just one example for each method, David walks you step-by-step through three winning examples for each method to make sure you fully understand the rules before you use the methods at the track.

  • 100% Mechanical! No judgment calls are required
  • Easy-to-learn, step-by-step instructions
  • FAST! Less than 5 minutes to handicap a race
  • Absolutely no complex figuring ideal for multi-track, simulcast play

"A Handicapper's Recipe Book" is perfect for a multi-track simulcast player or the player that does not have hours to devote to handicapping but still loves to play the game! It takes less than 5 minutes to handicap a race with these potent methods and you will get lots of action and uncover plenty of big winners!

We put the angles through a rigorous test and since the majority of players attend the races on the weekend we picked two successive weekends from the test to show how the angles won at 12 tracks across the US and Canada.

From this six-day sample period, we review 3 winners for each angle in this book. The average winner from the 21 examples in the book was $28.10. That's over 13/1! Even removing the highest winner (a $61.20 winner at Golden Gate) from the sample the average winner was still an impressive $26.44!

Best of all these winners can be spotted in only the time between races. No more burning the midnight oil handicapping when you play with "A Handicapper's Recipe Book". Just bring your 1-page reference sheet to the track and handicap between each race. What could be easier than that?!


  • HCM Handicapping System - a mechanical point rating system focused on the horse's ability and the horse's connections. It has worked well at all the tracks we play and we have received some great reports from satisfied customers. A very logical system of play.

  • Handicapping Trainers To Win - a quick system using the top trainers to spot overlay winners. Stick with the best trainers and you will regularly win like they do. This mechanical system helps pinpoint these trainers and better odds.
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