How much is a dependable, money winning handicapping system worth to you?

A system that produces reliable profits at any track you play? How about SIX proven winning handicapping systems that could do this for you, what would that be worth to you?

Imagine going to the track, picking up ANY past performances, handicapping a race in less than 5 minutes and have the winning selections jump off the pages at you.

That's right...consistent, winning handicapping plays that will point you to winners in only a few short minutes! Fast, simple and profitable!

Sound too good to be true? Well, it's not if you have the right tools and we have the answer.

"Handicapping For A Price" is a collection of six winning plays that will give you everything you need to be a regular winner at the track. We show you exactly what to look for to uncover good-priced winners.

This invaluable collection focuses on getting a price when the betting public misses the trainer's signals and sends a well-meant horse off at good odds. The plays are sound, quick and easy-to-use. Each play has ONLY 5 simple rules, but don't let their straightforwardness fool you – all the plays are real winners!

"Handicapping For A Price" is 100% mechanical, no judgment calls are necessary with these plays. The step-by-step rules are fast, easy to learn and easy-to-use. These plays will identify horses that can win at decent odds so you can maximize your profits and build your bankroll.

Each of the six plays is presented in a clear, concise, organized format with four sections: playable races, logic of the play, step-by-step rules and race examples of the play in action. You will be able to put the plays into action within minutes of opening the package!

Best of all, it takes less than 5 minutes to handicap a race with these automatic plays and you will get lots of action and uncover plenty of big winners!

Most handicappers use the same "old" information in the past performances day in and day out. Speed figures, pace figures, class ratings, etc...if everyone is using the same information in a similar way, what edge can it offer? In most cases, none!

Here is your chance to learn a new way to handicap with this winning collection and become a real winner! "Handicapping For A Price" will give you an unbeatable advantage at the track and make you a consistent winner!

"Handicapping For A Price" is:

  • 100% mechanical! No judgement calls are necessary.
  • Step-By-Step Rules - just follow the simple rules to find the winners!
  • Fast, Easy-To-Use - takes less than 5 minutes to handicap a race.
  • Action Packed - you will find plenty of winning action each and every day.
  • Wins at any track (both big and small), on any racing surface, under any condition.
  • Find horses ready to win at odds higher than you expected!

PLUS...we will include a handy one-page reference sheet listing the rules for all six winning plays. No need to memorize anything, this one-page, easy-to-use reference sheet details everything you need to know for each play.

It is all here in one easy to read, easy to use handicapping book. All you need is the knowledge in this book, a pen or pencil and any past performances.

No more spending hours poring over the past performances when you use these plays. You will be handicapping in no time, picking winners and consistently making money.

Do you like to play more than one track at a time? Great! The plays are so fast and easy-to-use, you can play 3, 4 or even 5 tracks at one time! It is perfect for any handicapper that likes to play multiple tracks at one time.

Since the majority of players go to the track on the weekend, we put these winning plays to a test on a random long weekend in October at 12 tracks across the U.S. and Canada – Belmont, Charles Town, Churchill Downs, Golden Gate Fields, Gulfstream Park West, Hawthorne, Keeneland, Laurel, Monmouth Park, Presque Isle Downs, Santa Anita and Woodbine.

From this random long weekend test, three winners for each play are reviewed in the book (18 in all). The average payoff for these 18 winners was $24.92. That's over 11/1! Even removing the highest winner (a $58.20 winner at Laurel), the average payoff was still a generous $22.96!

"Handicapping For A Price" gives you the tools and knowledge you need to win at the track. The winning methods are based on sound handicapping principles that are quickly and easily found in ANY past performances!

Give yourself a winning edge at the track with this money-making collection.


  • Today Is The Day - a simple trainer play that identifies morning line longshots with a distinct trainer advantage for today’s race. This easy system reliably picks live longshots!

  • Power Pick Value System - an easy-to-use, systematic approach using speed and class to identify live plays. You can handicap a complete card in about ten minutes with this consistent, time-saving, mechanical system. Fast, easy, winning picks!
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