The past performances provide all the information you need to make your selections, but if you use this information the same way everyone else at the track does, you will lose money.

Most handicappers use the wrong information or more importantly do not evolve their approach in this ever-changing game.

To consistently win at this game, you must use different resources and strategies to get a winning edge. To gain this advantage, we think there is no better place to start than with two often overlooked factors, the horse's odds and the horse's connections.

When you know what to look for, betting action (both today's odds and the horse's recent odds) is a great indicator of a horse's impending winning effort.

Trainers can make a horse's form look as good or as bad as they want in the past performances, but the money is what the money is. The odds are more powerful that you might think. In fact, some professionals use odds exclusively to make good money at the track. Why? Because they know the money gives strong clues which horses will run well today.

The tote board really does talk! We will show you exactly what you need to know to exploit the odds and win at the track.

"Analyze The Odds" combines a quick, easy to use mechanical system with three, fast handicapping angles (each play has only 5-6 rules). The angle plays are an excellent complement to the mechanical system. You choose what fits best with your handicapping approach - the mechanical system, the angle plays or both. We use the automatic mechanical system to find our key plays and then bet the angle plays when we spot them.

Despite the two different handicapping approaches in this book, there is one common theme, they both focus on the odds and the business behind the horse (the connections and the insiders). All are based on solid handicapping strategies that are quickly and easily recognized.

You will handicap a race in less than five minutes - the mechanical system and angle plays are fast, easy-to-use and they win!

No guesswork - simple step-by step rules. There is no need to constantly watch tote board either. We will show you exactly what you need to know and how to get winners with a quick glance at the odds. It is that easy!

"Analyze The Odds" gives you everything you need to be a winner:

  • Step-By-Step Rules...Automatic Picks!
  • A 100% mechanical system PLUS three easy to use handicapping angles.
  • Easy To Use Systems! Handicap a race in only a quick few minutes.
  • Plenty of Action. All races are playable.
  • Wagering strategies to optimize your profits with straight bets AND exotic bets. will get a handy reference sheet with all the methods you can take to the track! No need to memorize anything when you have this handy reference sheet in your hands.

"Analyze The Odds" is perfect for the multi-track simulcast player or the player that does not want to spend hours handicapping. The automatic, mechanical system and angle plays are presented in such a clear, organized manner that you will be able to put them into action within minutes of receiving your package! These simple, proven approaches will allow you to cash more winning tickets.

We put the mechanical system and angle plays to the test on a random weekend in the fall (October 12-14) to show how effective they both can be. There were twelve tracks across the US and Canada in the test: Belmont, Charles Town, Finger Lakes, Gulfstream Park West, Hawthorne, Keeneland, Laurel, Parx, Penn National, Remington, Santa Anita and Woodbine.

From this weekend, we review 8 winners for the mechanical system and 3 winners for each angle play. The average winning mutuel for the 17 winners was $16.75. While that is impressive on its own, wait until you see how profitable the exacta wagering strategy is!

We walk you step-by-step through the winning examples to make sure you fully understand everything before you use them at the track.


  • Blue Ribbon Trainer Plays - an extraordinary collection of five money-making trainer angles. Each angle has only 5 or 6 rules so they are fast and easy to find (when you know what to look for). You will get big prices with these winning trainer plays!

  • Back In The Irons - a quick spot play focusing on horses with top connections that are offering value today. Winning plays consistently pay double-digits!
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